Now GPProperty Tax Calculator Android App Available in Play Store

GPProperty Tax Calculator is an Mobile App to calculate the tax on Residential, Non-Residential, Commercial & Industries Properties. This app covered All Rural property of Gram Panchayat in Karnataka. The app has calculate Residential and Non-Residential properties tax. All the calculations done in the app are according to the rules and guidelines published by the Department.

Calculation takes into consideration following fields:
» Carpet Area in meter, » Area Factor
» Building Age Factor, » Type of Building
» Occupancy Factor, » Residential
» Non-Residential, » Commercial
» Industries, » Multiple Type Building.
This App also included Form & registers.

Now nDocuSoft Software available for Gram Panchayat, Line Department and CLF for the Financial Year 2023-24

SONASHANKAR IT SOLUTIONS INDIA (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED brings you nDocuSoft that make your NREGA files, 7 Registers  and FTO Cashbook’s ready to easy. After using this chrome based web software, No Tension to ready Files, Registers and Cashbooks  at the click of a button. The current features include form generation for Cover page, Checklist, Demand application form for reprint (Form 6), Work Allocation form (Form 8), Form 8 Ack,  Form 9, Work Order, Showing NMR, Quotation Calling Letter, Comparative Statement, Material Supply Order, Stage wise Geo Tag Photos, Work completion certificate. In 7 Registers Section Register-I, Part A, B, C & D, Register-III, Register-IV Part A & B, Register-V, Register-VII can be generated automatically in a click and In Cashbook Section there are Matereial FTO Cashbook and Wate FTO Cashbook are available.  It is all made simple by nDocuSoft.

How to Generate Work Allocation Sheet.


1) Open your  NREGA Data Entry Login, after demand entry, open Work Allocation menu.
2) Select work category, work name.
3) Select Yes on Do you want to generate work allocation sheet : 

4) Select COMPLETE on Generate work allocation sheet :

5) After selecting labor name’s then click on SAVE Button. 
6) Work allocation sheet will be shown in new tab, then Right Mouse and Click “Save Work Allocation”.

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